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Nov 26, 2005 - 8:12 pm
Title: Guard Duty

This entry was drafted during guard duty. Boredom often drives one to do inane things, especially when one is a sentry doing counter duty.

Ahh, the beauty of the night. Never noticed ordinarily going about normal routine, it is best appreciated when one is outdoors, whether during field camp or guard duty.

Maroon patches amidst a dark blue background. Such is the sky after afternoon thunderstorms. Pity about the stars though; they give much of the night's sense of awe and wonder. Without them, the night sky might as well be a patterned cloth draped in front of the sun, blocking its light.

As a sentry, one must take note of anybody booking in or out of camp. This includes the rats that take the drain on the right of the gate, and the dogs that take the gap in the fence on the left of the gate. All must wear camp passes and have valid reasons for entering or leaving camp, including foraging for food and looking for mates. The sole exceptions are the free-flying birds and insects, and the inconspicuous geckos, one of which is staring at me through the window.

Well this concludes the ramblings on guard duty. As mentioned before, only extreme boredom during counter duty can precipitate the writing of such mindless pieces of prose.

Posted Nov 26, 2005 - 8:12 pm

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